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Old Birmingham / Cliff Peters
« Last post by Robertsonb on Yesterday at 06:27:48 PM »
Interested to read this. I got into racing cycling via my dadís Uncle, Cliff Peters, who supplied my frames and built my wheels. He has a shop in Birmingham.
Used to always meet up with him on the Milk Race

Also have some of his shoe plates !

Old Birmingham / Re: Florists in Belgrave Road, Balsall Heath.
« Last post by Phil on Yesterday at 06:20:28 PM »

I've had a look in the trade directories for the 50's and 60's and can find no mention of a florist all, nor any type of a shop owned or managed by anybody called Reeves. Though this doesn't mean that there wasn't such a shop as it might have been listed at a fruit shop or a greengrocers previously and was never changed.

My grandparents lived in Vincent Street until it was demolished and I lived there myself in the 50's and I don't remember anyone by the name of Reeves, but it was a big street and the whole middle section of it was bombed out in the 40's.
Birmingham Chat / Re: Born or brought up in Birmingham. Would you?
« Last post by Empson on Yesterday at 06:18:07 PM »
I have spent some time reading the numerous posts on this thread. There is obviously a whole lot of love for our hometown.(yup, Iím a Brummie too!). I can see that there has been some improvement to the fabric of the city but it does seem that the people are not the same. Birmingham is not ĎBrummagemí. Itís no longer Brummies that work in the city or use the library or attend the theatres itís now a cosmopolitan race. Man is gregarious and no doubt each of the old great cities of our island kingdom had that warmth of feeling for each other. Like so many, Birmingham is now full of strangers.
Hereís a question for you.  What will HS2 do to our native home?
My view is this.  London is full. There ainít no land for building houses,homes of whatever size. Costs are high so one needs to be very highly paid or already a millionaire. HS2 therefore is not being built (unless itís cancelled) to bring trade to the North. Birmingham has an international airport. HS2 is to bring commuters into London quickly. No one wants a two or three hour commute, perhaps longer. London business needs people as it expands but thereís no place to house themselves they have to be transported .
What does that do for Birmingham? Does it become a dormitory town. Of course if we do manage to escape the tenuous tentacles of Brussells. HS 2 might be culled.  What do you think as The few Brummies thatare left?
Old Birmingham / Re: Anyone from Stirchley
« Last post by Des Gardner on Yesterday at 06:12:35 PM »
My dad and his young brother lived in Kitchener Rd, with their parents they both went to Stirchley School  about 1922 which one I dont know I think it was the one nearest Dogpool Lane, I remember as a young boy going to see my grandmother and great grandmother, and I was never allowed to go near the river Rea which was near to their house, the river really did smell bad and the water was often polluted and was grey in colour, me and my sister would walk to Kitchener Rd from our home in Warstock........I do have 2 class pictures that I think was taken in about 1922-24  taken in Stirchley school, they will take some finding but I do have them somewhere.....
Old Birmingham / Florists in Belgrave Road, Balsall Heath.
« Last post by Empson on Yesterday at 04:39:46 PM »
Somewhere on the north side of Belgrave Road there was we believe a florists shop. We hear that it was owned or managed by a gentleman by the name of Reeve or Reeves. First name u known
I can remember the road ( inner circle bus route) as an uncle lived near the junction with longmore street, opposite Dares Brewery.This shop was apparently some way down the hill from Moseley Road.
Anyone got any memories of it or the guy who owned it or managed it . Apparently it had creaky floorboards
Any help would be appreciated.  There was also a family named Reeves in Vincent Street 40ís or 50ís

Thatís for an elderly lady with some vague memories and family anecdotes and you know what they were like .......Ēbut we donít talk about....Ē
Old Birmingham / Re: Civilian war dead memorial???
« Last post by Empson on Yesterday at 04:24:27 PM »
Re civilian war dead memorial. Cousins name was I believe Bertram Gennoe. He was 16; years old when he died
Thanks for your help.
Old Birmingham / Re: Birchfield Road school Perry Barr
« Last post by frederick on Yesterday at 03:18:49 PM »
Hi Alan,
We had premesse in Albert rd, where it was there as been a school built there now is that where your junior school was.
Old Birmingham / Re: Anyone know the name of this pub?
« Last post by Alan John Humpage on Yesterday at 02:35:37 AM »
I lived 1/64 High Street Aston.. in the back to back houses.2 toilets for 8 homes!
I worked across road from the malt shovel in chemist(izons)on a Saturday mornin when I was 13!
Old Birmingham / Re: Birchfield Road school Perry Barr
« Last post by Alan John Humpage on Yesterday at 01:37:39 AM »
Hello Norman,

Brian Nicholls formerly of Wilnecote Grove. We were in the same clss together (Mr Bowsher) and were fans of Sturmy Archer gears.

Brian Nicholls.
Im Alan Humpage and I went to birchfeild senior school from 1957 to 1961.. MR FAT TAYLOR made my life a misery! I sympathise with anyone else who he picked on. Infact, I told my daughter recently about school life and she was that mad about some of the things us kids had to endure she typed it in google and manager to find this website! I'm still friends with Johnny Charles but he was in a different class to me. I lived in the back to back houses 1/64 High st Aston. My junior school was Albert Road. I worked at izons chemist on a Saturday morning when I was 13 too. Im 76 and I guess we're all getting on a bit so If anyone wants to get intouch it would be great to reminisce over our youthful days! Alan Humpage

Old Birmingham / Re: Birchfield Road school Perry Barr
« Last post by Alan John Humpage on Yesterday at 01:29:36 AM »
I was there from 1950 to 1960  Our music teacher was a Mr Lowe. We had two woodwork teachers namely Mr Roberts and Mr Griffiths. A Mr Jarrett was the in charge of the "Printing Press" but Mr Taylor I remember as more of a history type of teacher, and not many of us liked him very much as he could change his personality at a drop of a hat! Mr Whittaker was the headmaster.
I was there 1957 to 1961 and mr Taylor was a horrible fat nasty man , he made my life a misery! I'm glad others have written about the way he was too!
Alan Humpage
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