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Old Birmingham / Re: Harry Lucas School
« Last post by Peg Monkey on Yesterday at 08:58:39 PM »
The lads in my class at HLS all attended metalwork from the 2nd year but as the school had no workshop facilities on the school site every Friday morning we all went direct to Gem St School (near Aston Uni) where good facilities existed, we stayed there for the whole morning, this was important to me as I had plans to become an engineering apprentice when I left school.
I made a number of items during the 4 years I was attending the metalwork classes but sadly all have been lost except the tea caddy spoon shown on the attachment. The image is dated 1964 but I think that is a mistake, the spoon was one of the very first things I made whilst attending the metalwork class which means it is more likely to have been made in 1962. The paper knife was the last thing I made and this was done when our CSE exams were over and the pressure was off but we still attended the Gem St workshop.
I took many items I had made when I attended the interview at Salisbury Transmission in Witton where I was offered a 5 year Birfield Technical Apprenticeship.
Old Birmingham / Re: Yardley wood school
« Last post by Pauline on January 25, 2021, 10:13:09 PM »
Hi Peter Cartwright - do you remember me - Pauline Halford?  We were in the same shorthand classes at Yardley Wood
« Last post by Scipio on January 25, 2021, 09:05:30 PM »
Are you the Mr Savage that rode a motorbike, I've only just noticed this post
Old Birmingham / Re: Birmingham Mail Boots
« Last post by Scipio on January 25, 2021, 08:49:20 PM »
Boots are in fashion strange isnít it.

Frederick since about 1965 , I've always wore a Jodhpur style boot , not the same pair I hasten to add

       I see and understand your reasoning all I can say is I wish you good luck . I'm only sorry I wasn't able to help .
In reply to Scipio's question about 'why this crime' - well, of course, I'd be inclined to advise you to buy the book and find out  :) . However, as I'm still writing it and I don't envisage it being completed until the early summer.....

.......this is an almost forgotten crime. It happened on my doorstep and the consequences were that a young black man became the last person to hang at Winson Green. And although some people have a few hazy memories and connections, when you start comparing what happened to Oswald Grey with what happened to James Hanratty six months earlier, you'll see how it has almost been airbrushed from history.

At present, I'm trying to get a view of some official documentation and am being refused on the grounds that the information may be harmful to surviving witnesses or relatives of those involved in the crime. If only I could find some, I might be more inclined to see their point of view - hence coming on this forum.
It must have been horrific at first for you Gerald , I don't think I could have handled it the way you did . Was there any recompense for your trouble ?
Old Birmingham / Re: Harry Lucas School
« Last post by Peg Monkey on January 24, 2021, 08:43:12 PM »
Sobering thought: The School closed in 1969 and raised to the ground shortly after for the Joseph Lucas, Gt King St, carpark, that's 52 years ago, if you were a 21 year old teacher at the school when it closed you are now 73.
Stay virus-free.
P.S. Does anyone know what now occupies the site where the school once stood? The northern boundary of the school site was Farm Street and the southern Bridge St West.
Link school plan:
Hello Scipio
About 40 years ago a working girl in Basall Heath was murdered and her body dumped on Cannock Chase. I live in
Pembrokeshire but the finger was pointed at me. I was interviewed and the Police Inspector said its not you. You were out with the boys getting
the Hay in on the day of the murder and all ten vouch for you.
He was back 2 days later to tell me I had to go to Edward Road Police Station. They say it is the colour of your van that points the finger at you.
He said the person who you bought the van from is saying he never knew anything about this van. He said will you drive yourself up there.
I did and was well looked after in the Police Station. Ham Sandwiches with coffee and a newspaper to read. They told me they had brought in the man I had  bought the van from and could I pick him out in a line up. I said yes. About 15 minutes later they told me he did not like the idea of a line and had sold it to me after the murder.
They thanked me for my help and escorted me to the boundry.
I was also questioned about the pub bombings because the boxes of plants might have explosives in them but that was a friendly affair apart from being stripped naked in Bordesley Green.
I have no idea what happened  to the man that did commit the  murder.
Thank God I never felt the rope.
Birmingham Chat / Re: Brum & Covid
« Last post by Scipio on January 24, 2021, 06:55:28 PM »
when me and the wife ;D O0  go shopping only once  has some one said one at a time this was at tesco in kiddy we just said ok we will go to a different shop and went to go 

my wife is fast going blind and i can not trust to her leave her on her own and she forgets things so i have to take her with me or get some one to look after her wile im out shopping in the last 12 months shes had two strokes       the poor chap just did not know what to say or do he was doing has he was told on the door

we was called back and let in to the shop but since no probs   this brings me back to the fact people make the area not the buildings

Roy I'm 100% in agreement with you .
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