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Birmingham Chat / Re: Charity Adverts
« Last post by Coastal on Today at 08:12:50 PM »
The RNLI is one of my favourites, a good few years back I was the treasurer of the Kings Heath and Moseley Branch, and no we didn't have our own boat,  ;D can you imagine the slipway.

They also have quite a good overheads/cause ratio.
Old Birmingham / Re: Evening Mail Mystery Cycle Run
« Last post by Spud on Today at 06:45:43 PM »
I don't know much about this race but The Sherwood Pub was situated in Highfield Road and near to 'The Dingles and Yardley Wood Railway Station
 If the race started on Stratford Road I would have thought that the start would be more likely to use either The Robin Hood or The Bull or even 'The Shoes.
Old Birmingham / Re: Evening Mail Mystery Cycle Run
« Last post by earlswoodbob on Today at 06:37:48 PM »
I took part in one, Can’t remember where it started but it finished at Ragley Hall where the Marquis of Hertford presented the prizes, but not to me.
Birmingham Chat / Re: Charity Adverts
« Last post by frederick on Today at 05:24:20 PM »
And the starving kids and the mother looks as fit as a butchers dog. A fool and his money are soon parted.     :(    Been in the Tenby life boat station today they do a dangerusely wonderful thing and are only there because of donations. I contribute knowing the money goes to the RNLI.
Old Birmingham / Re: Evening Mail Mystery Cycle Run
« Last post by 2michaelT on Today at 03:23:45 PM »
I remember taking part in it and it started from the Sherwood pub on the Stratford road and ended in Cofton park it was great fun..
Whats on in Birmingham / Re: Create Your Way to Your Future
« Last post by Phil on Today at 02:10:26 PM »

Advertising is not allowed on this site without the permission of the owner. I have already deleted one of your posts and unless you can either confirm that this course is free to applicants or you get approval from the owner by this time tomorrow 14.10, this post will also be deleted.
Whats on in Birmingham / Create Your Way to Your Future
« Last post by mycreativityclass on Today at 01:15:34 PM »
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My Creativity Class
Old Birmingham / Re: Cafe's & Coffee Bar's
« Last post by Edmund Fifield on Today at 10:11:49 AM »
Used to use the cafe ,restaurant next to the News Theater ,top of Dale End
Birmingham Chat / Re: Brum Ghosts....??????
« Last post by Scipio on Yesterday at 10:29:04 PM »

I've heard a few stories like that.  There was one where a two women (sisters if I remember correctly) were out on a walk & sat down for a rest on an hill & watched a fair going on in the valley.  When the mentioned it to someone later on they were told there hadn't been a fair in the area for decades.

It does make you wonder.  One of the theories for UFO sightings is that people are seeing future aircraft.  Could also be that some past 'ghost' sightings were people seeing us  ;D

Judith might be a chance they've had too much of the demon drink too , hic
Old Birmingham / Re: Cafe's & Coffee Bar's
« Last post by Scipio on Yesterday at 10:07:08 PM »

Does anyone have a photo of Joe Lyons café Colmore Row? I have looked all through this thread and cant find one anywhere.

I remember going in there a couple of times in my younger days
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