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Hi everyone  :)

Im brummie born and bred and oh so proud! Born at home (Caldwell Rd/Saltley) moved from there when i was five years old to 159 Sheldon Heath Rd. Me and my dad planted the conifer in the front garden which i believe is still there:) Attended Blakenhale infant and junior school. Then moved to Partridge Rd/Yardley. Before they built Fairlawns close at the back. The Ridgemere social club was the back of our house. A small carpark was shared access for the club and the roads garages located at the back. But unless you know the social club specifically you wouldnt even know it was there. Had 8 great years at Partridge Rd but moved out of my parents house and just around the corner to Averill Rd, off Sedgemere Rd. The Dovecote pub wasnt my local (hated the place) the Chestnut Tree was my fav local. Alas, both are gone now....

Moved on to Moat Lane/Yardley. Nice house. Then Preston Rd/Yardley. Then Boyne Rd/Sheldon. Probs my fav house (actually its a bungalow) And finally im now residing in a quiet pleasant little close in Chelmsley wood. Im a huge aircraft geek. Especially ww2 aircraft and so proud of our vital history, ie: the 20,000 + Spitfires built at Castle Brom. As well as many sub factories and businesses making parts etc....

Just wanted to say hi to everyone and welcome to chat/write.

Sincerely Michael
Old Birmingham / Re: train stations in brum
« Last post by JudithM on Yesterday at 01:09:29 PM »
Judith you are totally correct but doesn't that happen in industry, everyone wants to be the best. Unfortunately its the general public that suffer every time.
Old Birmingham / Re: sparkhill sparkbrook highgat
« Last post by Hi De Hi on Yesterday at 09:12:16 AM »
I remember Powells Cycle shop well.I had my first Three Wheeler Bike from him.It must have been just after the War Bill [Powell] made it up for me from old bikes he stored in the cellar.In the Mid Fifties Bill Powell turned the shop into a cafe he did quite well  for some time.
Powells Cycles was on one corner of Clarence Rd on the other corner there was another shop Powells the Grocer [no relation] my Mother bought our shopping from him. I have never heard anyone who could add up a grocery bill in his head so quick.
Regarding the old War Surplus hut in Oakwood Rd did anyone ever buy one of those huge yellow Kites I can only imagine that they were used for Air Sea Rescue Purposes in the War or perhaps as  a Radio aerial.If the wind got too high and got under the kite you were lucky not to take off.

My bikes always came from Fletchers on Walford Road. There was a little row of shops half way down, A grocer on the corner, then a post office, then Fletchers and last Butlers the Butchers. I had a saturday job there in the early 70s doing deliveries on a bike in the morning and cleaning in the afternoon.
Old Birmingham / Re: sparkhill sparkbrook highgat
« Last post by roy one on Yesterday at 09:10:09 AM »
The Waldorf was the fleapit cinema nearby. and so was the Piccadilly happy days spent in farm road park 
Old Birmingham / Re: sparkhill sparkbrook highgat
« Last post by Hi De Hi on Yesterday at 09:06:08 AM »
Anybody out there born in Ombersley Road or Tillingham St or Ladypool Road.
Look forward to hearing from anyone.

My best mate live in Ombersley Rd.  can't recall the number but it was anout 50 yards up from Ladypool on the left. His name is Norman Wass. He lives in Kent now but I still see him regularly if you know him.  His mom was Mary and I think his dad was called Harry.
Old Birmingham / Re: sparkhill sparkbrook highgat
« Last post by Hi De Hi on Yesterday at 09:03:52 AM »
Hi Fred

Not too sure what you mean, are these the ones. They were not taken by me, but grabbed off the net somewhere. I don't take many photos of modern buildings as there is nothing to interest me. When we go on holiday my wife rarely allows me to take a camera, because I go of searching for old buildings.


If you watch the Citizen Khan TV show they sometimes film on Ladypool Road and they use the George Pub exterior although  think the interior scenes are in a studio.
Old Birmingham / Re: sparkhill sparkbrook highgat
« Last post by Hi De Hi on Yesterday at 08:58:12 AM »
😊oh my the memories flood backed used to go to the waldorf for roller skating and the best was watching all the the old wrestlers there with my grandad and the old ladies hitting them with there handbags ...I can say old ladies as coming from a 66 year old pensioner I think I can get away with it 🤣🤣..and yes the Piccadilly that was my Sunday afternoon with my friend watching all the hammer house of horror films oh happy days

wasn't the roller rink called the Embassy? The Waldorf was the fleapit cinema nearby.
Old Birmingham / Re: sparkhill sparkbrook highgat
« Last post by Hi De Hi on Yesterday at 08:57:22 AM »
I can't remember the name of the block of flats either, wasn't it something simple like Beach Tower or something like that. I can show you a photo of them however that was taken in 1961. I didn't think they were that old

The flats were called Longlands House. My parents moved into them in 1958 when they were new built and I was still a baby.  Our flat is on the left of the photo on the 4th floor.  They moved out 20 years later.  They are now demolished and the site is used for car parking.  The smaller blocks are still there as are our cricket wickets painted onto the wall at one end of the playground!
Old Birmingham / Re: Hope Street School
« Last post by Peter Mcilvogue on December 13, 2018, 10:19:53 PM »
Ginger. remember the Star pub, on the corner by the hall,? well I used go out with the daughter from there..she went and married some one else, but we kept in contact for years, 40 odd ....sadly she died last year...J2
  I remember the Star pub Kench's chip shop  the Belgrave restaurant next to the Cut
Old Birmingham / Re: Hope Street School
« Last post by Larry cowling on December 13, 2018, 08:42:47 PM »
[quote author=danny link=topic hi Danny johnson Iím the Larry cowling friend from hope street school.hope you are ok I have just found your message from 2012 better late then never please get in touch soon all the best Larry .=77.msg255455#msg255455 date=1339007707]
hi  i went to hope street school beetween 1957 to 1967 name is danny johnson wonderd if any one rememers the johnsons . we lived on gooch street can remember all the teachers miss brazier was my class teacher, i think the head was mr benson and his deputy was mr green, my friends at time, tony compton john hanha tony ward. larry cowling  can remember river rea canteen next to it the shops on gooch street the cake shop the bread and butter puddin. will any one who can remember me contact me so we can have a chat.
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