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Birmingham Photos and Videos / Re: Where is This?
« Last post by Phil on Today at 02:09:58 PM »

The thing is not everybody is as fair minded as yourself and lets face it checking out Google is only a quicker way if researching an image. Although some of the images I have posted personally are still recognisable even though they are perhaps a hundred years old. Some do need research and as far as I am concerned that is the whole point of the thread.

This is why I check my photos first to see that there are no easy options, and that there is at least a little effort required to name the location or building, or else I might just as well post the image complete with title.

So enough explanations, lets get on with it,

Taken in 1926, it might have a different more modern look, but it is still recognisable.
Old Birmingham / Re: the old pubs of brum
« Last post by JudithM on Today at 01:42:18 PM »

I can accept these two , but who is Sara Moon ?

To he honest, I don't know.  I only ever really knew the pub as that (until it recently changed it's name to Peaky Blinder), never really thought about why it was called that  ;D
Birmingham Photos and Videos / Re: Where is This?
« Last post by JudithM on Today at 01:37:03 PM »
Here's another not taken from a time long gone, but from a time when we all can remember O0

Pram convention!!!

We had a pram like those that got passed around the family - I think it started off with an aunt & then made it's way through all the cousins & grandchildren!  There's pictures of me in it & then 10 years later my brother  :)

As for Google.  I only ever use it to check hunches.  As has been said by others, it's not in the spirit of the thing to outright cheat.
Old Birmingham / Re: dare to build
« Last post by Phil on Today at 01:23:13 PM »
Hi DJ welcome to you, as we have a couple of posters that worked for Dare's I have no doubt they would be interested in what you have to relate.
Birmingham Photos and Videos / Re: Where is This?
« Last post by Phil on Today at 01:17:18 PM »
For those that don't know the answer. it's already on the forum here, though Pinterest gives the date as 1971 not 1979 as came with the photo when I posted it, 1971 is more realistic I suppose.

Old Birmingham / Re: dare to build
« Last post by DJ on Today at 12:52:40 PM »
Just picked up this post on the forum about Dare to Build whilst doing some family tree investigations. My father used to work for Harry Dare and spent most of his working life there, I think, at the Ward End depot. His name was John 'Taffy' James and he was the transport forman. I have some stories he told me of his time there if it is of interest.
Birmingham Photos and Videos / Re: Where is This?
« Last post by astoness on Today at 11:22:46 AM »
phil  when time permits can we have another photo please...something to get stuck into...some of the recently made comments (which i note have now correctly been deleted) made by a certain member were very childish and to be perfectly frank boring....lets get this great thread back on track before it fizzles out O0

thanks phil

 >:( But the football grounds were already there the only needed upgrading,
Old Birmingham / Re: Nostalgia, aint what it used to be
« Last post by countrylad on Yesterday at 11:19:36 PM »
This does ring a bell with me too. I rescued the China cabinet in he early 80's, it was about to be thrown out by my aunt. It takes pride and place in a room I have in my place for times that are special like Sunday high tea ( but we never have high tea).

Nan had a bottle of McEnzies Smelling salts in the china cabinet along with a bottle of 4711. 

One thing that really stands out is the table cloth. It was almost velvet to the touch, nan had a dark red and a brown one they had gold pin striping in squares. The tea service was 'Moss Rose' I still have this. It came out at funerals!   

I almost forgot the tin of salmon, mixed with vingar, yeuk, those crunchy bones.....
Old Birmingham / Re: atv studios aston
« Last post by countrylad on Yesterday at 11:03:43 PM »
I remember For Teenagers Only. Didn't know t came from Brum though. If I remember right, it was blokes in mod suits or polo necks and of course the gals  O0
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