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Yes the corner site was empty for a long while, but Aziz coaches has taken over the whole corner now. As I say I don't remember the cafe and all the member of my family that might are no longer with us so I can't ask them either. It's a pity Freds is not still open as I could have asked him, He would have known as there wasn't much going on around there that he didn't know about.
Hi Susan
As I am some eight years older than yourself I doubt that we would have known each other, well not as children anyway. Yes it probably was the shop further down that I was thinking of. No I don't remember any of the names that you mention, but there again I lived in Larches st just by Larches Passage with my grandmother. Although I moved out of there before it was demolished in 1972.
I remember he sweet factory in Woodfield Rd and the builders yard next W.E.Bakers. I also remember the chippie in Woodfield Rd, but we always used Hickmans in Kyrwicks Lane for much better chips. 
It's all gone now and there are only a few places recognisable left.


The sweet factory that was in Woodfield Rd was owned by a family named Diamond, they lived in Webb Lane Hall Green. I went out with their daughter Annette at one time during the mid 60s. She was/is friends with my wife & is God Mother to our daughter and we still see her & her husband several times a year.



Thanks for reply & the photo of the Jungle Café, on Snow Hill.  I was not aware of the one in Highgate Rd, despite passing under the bridge several times a day for years, also I had it in my mind that Jones's fishing tackle shop was the first shop next to the bridge on the right, going from Moseley Rd. I know that whole corner was demolished some years ago.
Old Birmingham / Re: Cinemas of Birmingham
« Last post by Peg Monkey on February 08, 2019, 11:38:58 PM »
Odeon, New St. - 1960s: For me a cinema destination (probably the most memorable movie: Dr Strangelove*) but for Mrs Peg Monkey (a rock-chick in her teens in the 60s) it was very much a live rock gig destination, of particular note was when she saw The Walker Bros. fronted by lead singer Scott, who was (and is) her life-long heart-throb. Unlike The Gaumont the Odeon was (is?) very flexible in the events staged, did anyone attend a business seminar there or perhaps one of Billy Graham's events?
*Film: 1964, Dr Strangelove (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb), Produced and Directed by Stanley Kubrick. A black cold war comedy starring Peter Sellers, who delivers stellar performances in three roles, including the title role. (I think it was shot in black & white).   
Old Birmingham / Re: Kitts Green, Lea Village and Glebe Farm
« Last post by mike1770 on February 08, 2019, 06:08:55 PM »
hi bernie, sambo is my aunty barberas brother, small world hey, barbera was married to donald and donald was my nans brother.
Old Birmingham / Re: Kitts Green, Lea Village and Glebe Farm
« Last post by mike1770 on February 08, 2019, 06:01:07 PM »
Bernie 190  I am going back a long time now. me Omo Collins Boogie Bagshawand I think his name was  Jumbo Sail we had some great scraps
hi sambo is my aunts brother, sambo is barberas brother, and barbera used to be married to donald who passed away, donald was my nans brother, small world hey, lol
Malc and Spud

I've attached a photo showing The Jungle on Snow Hill, a place that I never used. I also never used the Jungle on Highgate Road either obviosly this is why I had no knowledge of it. Since last posting to this thread I have studied the trade directories and I think that the problem with the name "the Jungle might be because the premises at 2 Highgate Road which was first on the right under the bridge from Moseley Road in the up to the mid 60's were registered to a J C Ryan as dining rooms (posh name for a cafe) but there was no name registered it might well have been called the Jungle then.

Then the cafe remained closed (no listing ) from 1967 to 1971 when it re-opened as the Jehlum, so it's entirely possible that people just continued calling it the Jungle.
Old Birmingham / Re: the old pubs of brum
« Last post by JudithM on February 08, 2019, 01:13:32 PM »

I didn't know about the pub on Rubery Lane being closed. It seems that it's obligatory now that closed pubs get burnt down. Was it closed for a while before the fire?

Yes, it was empty for about 3 years, during which it was badly vandalised before being set alight (arson).
Yes I remember The Jungle in Snow I used pass it on my way to work it was close to a gents outfitters on the right hand side. The outfitters had a barber Shop at the rear of the shop I used to pop in there for a hair only one barber and he was  always smoking probably Polish a foreigner anyway.
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