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Old Birmingham / Re: Shard End
« Last post by Shard end Sean on November 04, 2019, 11:32:32 PM »
Hi Karen , it probably was me who mentioned Kevin McGrath ,and yes they were and are a lovely family. Kevin and his brother Danny play golf at the same club as myself .  We have been been friends since we were in junior school and still meet up a few times a year for a get together ,we call ourselves the old Harlequins as that was the name of the pub we all used to meet up about 5 times a week 😂 we currently have about 25 lads on the email list , not that everybody turns up but it keeps us all in touch . Well I hope your well and enjoying life .

Old Birmingham / Re: Holidays and Leisure
« Last post by Peg Monkey on November 04, 2019, 10:39:13 PM »
Trainspotting on The Lyndhurst Estate, Erdington early 60s - The NE boundary of the estate is marked by a railway track (originally designated The Sutton Colfield Branch, L&NWR), the main traffic being passenger DMUs (Diesel Multiple Units) but very occasionally an LMS steam loco was seen on the line (by the early 60s steam had been largely replaced by diesel). The track ran in a cutting so you had to be close to see passing trains, but, if the conditions were right, you could hear an approaching steam engine from my parents flat in Kentmere Tower and could see the smoke trail, if you were quick and ran upto the top landing of the stairwell you might glimpse the top of the loco's chimney, with a pair of binoculars, in winter when there were no leaves on the trees! Nothing to write home about, right? Well, applying trainspotting rules, as long as you had glimpsed the actual loco (even a small part of it) you could rightly claim to have spotted it and record the sighting in your Ian Allan Loco Book, I know what you are thinking: If you could only see the tip of the chimney how could you know what loco it was?  I would dash down to the railway line and hope a fellow trainspotter was still around who had identified the loco, I  remember this happening on one particular occasion when a Britannia Class Steam Loco (John O' Gaunt, if I remember correctly) passed by. O0
P.S. The estate has changed a lot since the 1965 map: The school has gone, the playing field built on, Rowden Hall (The estate's village hall) has gone, Burcombe Tower has gone, together with Harlech Tower (the tallest block on the estate at 16 stories) and finally The Lyndhurst Pub has long been demolished.
Old Birmingham / Re: Shard End
« Last post by Karen Williams on November 04, 2019, 06:22:57 PM »
I lived in Brownfield Road from 1960 to name was Karen Holland and I had a Sister named Glenys. I went to Timberley Lane and then Longmeadow. I notice someone mentioned Kevin McGrath, from memory the family lived in Shard End Crescent, lovely family.
Old Birmingham / Re: Looking for old friends or family?
« Last post by lostlovestories on November 04, 2019, 05:21:02 PM »
Hi everyone!

Hope this is OK to post here.

Wall to wall Media, the makers of 'Long Lost Family' and 'Who Do You Think You Are?' are making a new TV programme which will seek to reunite long lost loves.
Perhaps you were separated during a war or a move abroad? If circumstance has torn you apart from your one true love we would love to hear from you.

If you are SINGLE and would like to reconnect with a loved one from the past, we could potentially help.

Email longlostloves[at] or call 020 3301 8577 for details.

All participants must be single and 18 or over. Contact made with us is confidential and obligation free.
Old Birmingham / Re: Dingle Mead (Kings Heath B14)
« Last post by Annette Lowe on November 04, 2019, 12:46:28 AM »
Hi All

I lived in Dingle Mead from when I was born in 1967 with my Parents Terry and Rose Moore and my Sister Susan (Sue). We left in 1976.  We lived in one of the 2-storey Masionettes and our garden backed on to the canal.  We loved it there, I have many fond memories of our time and the people who lived there. It was a lovely community.

I was sad when I heard it had been completely demolished and new housing built, it doesn't even have the same road name, it's now called Boatmans Reach and when I visited the new road I didn't recognise it at all, it has been completely re-designed. However the massive electricity pylon is still there!

I went to Pineapple Junior and Infant School at the bottom of Allens Croft Road, the head teacher was Mr Ross and then Mr Jones after Mr Ross left.  The school is now called Allens Croft Primary (how boring).  I remember a teacher called Ms Gillette, she was horrible and slapped my legs in the dinner queue  :-[

Love the map and the photo that has been posted  O0
Old Birmingham / Re: Nechells, Vauxhall, Duddeston & Saltley, 40's, 50's & 60's.
« Last post by townie on November 03, 2019, 08:58:38 PM »
Anyone know the name of the pub in photo 2?
Old Birmingham / Re: Salisbury Transmission Ltd.
« Last post by Peg Monkey on November 03, 2019, 05:22:42 PM »
When wondering around the streets of Witton, Aston and Erdington having a Brummie accent wasn't an issue (obviously) but some years later, when living in Bournemouth, between jobs and on a bridging course, I got asked, by a course member,: Do you think having a Brummie Accent has held you back career-wise? Up until that time I had never even considered that possibility. :-[
Old Birmingham / Re: Holidays and Leisure
« Last post by Peg Monkey on November 03, 2019, 04:37:40 PM »
When I lived in Heaton St, Hockley our local swimming baths was Grove Lane (side of Handsworth Park) and sometimes Monument Road, when we moved to the Lyndhurst Estate our local baths was Erdington, about 15 mins walk. My mom was a good swimmer and taught me, but I wasn't a natural; on the other hand my dad drank like a fish but swam like a brick, bless him.
Birmingham Chat / Sorrento Maternity Hospital and prem unit.
« Last post by R V Ireland on November 03, 2019, 03:17:27 PM »
Is there anyone who was at Sorrento in  1961 and 2?  Iwas in the prem unit from sept 61 to March 62 and the midwifery side after that.
 R v Hartrup was my name then.
Old Birmingham / Re: Holidays and Leisure
« Last post by Peg Monkey on November 03, 2019, 11:39:49 AM »
Heaton St - 1950s Although we only had a tiny backyard my dad still managed to grow a spectacular display of dahlias each year, at the end of their season he would lovingly dig up the tubers and store them in the cellar for next year, if I remember correctly next season's crop comes from a shoot from the tuber.
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