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AJW Sheldon Builder Birmingham
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I'm looking for information on AJW Sheldon (Billy) born 1871 died 1969. Anyone that knew him or about him, good or ill. I have Kelly's and phone book entries and Navy war record.

The building firm of  AJW Sheldon, known as Billy Sheldon. The firm was based at the following address’ although the family sometimes lived at one of the address’ below or at a house on an estate under development

W W J Sheldon Builder, Plumber and Decorator

1914               Edward Road
1914               Mary Street
1915/1927      551 Moseley Road (Merchants and home)
1922/5      Soho Shop managed by a man called ‘Lane’.

1929/39          6 Alcester Road. (Home prior to 1929)
1930               Edgbaston Street

AJW  Sheldon Builder and Plumber

1928/32           Barn Lane  (Family home in several houses as they were completed)
1934/5            48 St Mary’s Row
                       Moor Green Lane
1937/8           ‘Cotswold’ 23 The Drive Erdington.

AJW Sheldon and Sons Ltd.

1939          114a.Alcester Road
1940/46            69 Chantry Road Moseley.

AJW Sheldon had another company or partnership, with Mr. A H Field (Adolph Henry Hirschfield known as Henry Field)

1944               2 Silvercraig Mansion, South Road Weston Super Mare 
1946/56        10 Strensham Hill Moseley.
1947             26 Moor Green Lane
1948-1951     Moorfields Lilly Green Besley (Beoley).
1952-1964     Farmer. Didcot Manor, the Red House, and Banbury.
1952-1956     18 Chantry Road
                      533a Warwick Road
1958/1969     ‘Seafield’ 51 South Road Weston Super Mare

The larger developments.

The Barn Lane development in Kings Heath was in partnership with a solicitor called Tew. The building started in 1921 and ended in 1930.

The Drive Erdington.

AJW 'shop fitted' the first of the Paynes shoe repair chain 'the better sole' and then the other stores.

Birds Custard Estate in Banbury