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Re: Highcroft hospital/ asylum
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When did you work at All Saints? When we did the skips there in the 70's & 80's the patients used to wander around the grounds. We had to make sure that no one was under the bins when we dropped them off. Where you on the portering side or the medical side.
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Re: Highcroft hospital/ asylum
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hi phil
I was working there in the 60"s I was on the nursing staff and loved working there it changed my perspective on life > My  boyfriend (now husband ) was in charge of the portering staff but that was in the 60"s too.My brother-in-law was also on the maintanence staff untill it closed .
They have got a site on face book and recently had a re-union

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Re: Highcroft hospital/ asylum
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Back in the 1970s I used to work at Highcroft, they had a tractor I used to repair and service it, They used to grow crops / flowers etc. Seen a lot of strange things there some funny some sad.


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Re: Highcroft hospital/ asylum
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I think I have mentioned this before, but in the early 70's we covered most of the hospitals including the mental health hospitals in Birmingham for Skip Hire. We occasionally also did clear outs for most of them. We would talk to lots of the staff and patients, I was surprised to see that most of the inmates in the mental health hospitals were suffering from depression.

Phil did you ever take your skip lorry to Mony Hull?
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Re: Highcroft hospital/ asylum
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My nan was put into highcroft when she was struck down with rheumatoid arthritis. I think she also had depression,  she was there from 1959 until her death in 1990. I visited her weekly from the 70,s until she died , it makes me so sad to hear some of the things that went on in that place , her nickname was queen florrie,  and I know for sure the staff adored her .new patients used to come in and they'd be as sane as me , begging to go home and that they shouldn't be there, the following week they'd be rocking in a chair , humming to themselves not knowing or caring where they were anymore , obviously drugged and that was heartbreaking to see , some of these people shouldn't of ever ended up in a place like that , it wouldn't happen today , I feel so sorry for them all . Anyway my question you think it would be possible to get my nans hospital records , where would i start , too late ? I was a child who had no questions in the 70,s but now i have a need to know the what's and whys ....


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Re: Highcroft hospital/ asylum
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looking at the link below the records are held at birmingham library archives dept so i would advise that you give them a call to find out if they hold the records for highcroft and if so are you able to view them as i am not sure if the 100 year rule would of luck