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Re: the Birmingham Planet Newspaper
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I remember "The Daily Planet", the Birmingham Newspaper and knew one of the reporters slightly. His name was David Steel (if you are out there David it would be good to get and e-mail - I can update you with news of David Robinson and John Kimberley). I am a singer and in the late 1960's was still at school, namely Great Barr Comprehensive. The then Head of Music, the wonderful and talented Colin Fanshawe, arranged for us to enter a Choral Competition and because we were in the last 10 in the country (they never chose an overall winner - just the last dozen - encouragement was their aim) we were photographed and put in the Daily Planet on the front page in full colour. As I was the then soloist for the group (we were doing a recording at the time), I was at the front of the group by the microphone and I well remember the yellow/brown "mod" dress I wore and my "mod" hairstyle. My mom wanted copies of the newspaper (because her daughter was in it) so we went to the local newsagents to get copies. This was fine until the male friend I was with turned me towards him, other staff members and customers having recognised I was the person on the front paper, and said jokingly and in a loud voice, "and don't forget today no shoplifting).....ah the fickleness of so called fame !!!

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Re: the Birmingham Planet Newspaper
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Hi all.

My dad was in the Royal Signals and whilst in Bahrain, in the Persian gulf, he had a photo taken holding the newspaper with his fellow comrades as he is a born and bred Brummie.

Does anyone remember this paper?

Id like to find a copy of the newspaper to which the photo was submitted,  around the early 60s.

Does anyone know where I can find further info and if there is an archive for the paper?

I have attached the photo my dad is on the right.

Thanks in advance, Kerry

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