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Re: Buswell & Sweeny Ltd + C H Mountford
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Thank you Phil
Would like to share memories of my time at Morton& Crowder


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Re: Buswell & Sweeny Ltd + C H Mountford
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Hi again Eithne,

Sheppy has been a member for a couple of years and visits the site now and again, so perhaps he will look in and see your message and then you will be able to exchange memories. My advice would be to keep an eye on this thread whilst enjoying the rest of the forum.
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Paul hayes

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Re: Buswell & Sweeny Ltd + C H Mountford
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Hi Denise

Buswell and Swenney were located not at the junction of Watery Lane but on the left at the "blind end" of Bolton Street, going from Watery Lane, if you go on Google Earth Street view the buildings still look very much as they did 44 years ago when I last saw them, being specifically built all of the premises had the distinct brick arches as an architectural feature.  It is now named Phoenix Wharf.

My Grandmother used to be the caretaker, and lived in the integrated house.

The company were high precision machinists and general toolmakers.  Providing an all encompassing engineering service for other companies in Birmingham.  They did not produce a finished product themselves.

Many times I went though the premises after Saturday lunch time with my father locking up after "The Men" had worked the morning overtime.  The smell of cutting fluid (suds), was everywhere.

The steel stores were in the area directly to the left of the main gates, you will see that the original door has been half bricked up and a window installed, the bricks are a different colour.

The Caretakers house was on the other side.  Looking through the main gate arch (note the weigh bridge still set in the floor) you can make out where the house / main gate doorway has been bricked up.

The administrative and drawing offices were on the first floor, as were some of the lighter machines.

Machinery in the workshops included lathes, shapers, drill presses, horizontal and vertical milling machines, cylindrical and surface and grinders, jig borers and many more.

Hope this helps

Paul Hayes   


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Re: Buswell & Sweeny Ltd + C H Mountford
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I came upon this posting a bit late but I worked at Buswell & Sweeney for many years, they were one of the top rated manufacturers of moulds, jigs & fixtures in Birmingham. We made prototypes for many other engineering companies before they risked producing them themselves. There can't be many ex employees left alive. I started as an apprentice and am now 75 years old. I have many happy memories of B&S.