Author Topic: 2 back of 20 Vincent Street Balsall Heath  (Read 2326 times)


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Re: 2 back of 20 Vincent Street Balsall Heath
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Well Goully I was born down the road from you in 1947 at my grandmothers house and my mother myself and my sister moved from there to Nechells in about 1954, but I was back living with my grandmother for a while from about 1957. I remember the cafe at the entrance to the opening where your houses were.
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Re: 2 back of 20 Vincent Street Balsall Heath
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Hi my names Adam Iím in Oz, I moved here from 5 Tamworth Grove in Jan 75, I live there for about 5 years next door to my uncles and Grandad, Terry David and Samual Dinsmore. They had moved there in the mid 50s. There were 4 of my Aunts and at that stage uncle Terry I think. My mums name was Veronica Dinsmore. I was there when they pulled the older houses down. And then the Rose and Crown over the street. I was good mates with Robert Roulston. Who lived with Hií folks and his many Sisters at the pub.

I remember one day I was going to get some bread from the corner shop when I guy died at the tat yard while cutting open a ww2 incendiary device with a gas ax. He was the poor guy who used to give us money for the Window weights from the old buildings. I have to say I saw some sights in the area that wouldnít be believed theses days

Great forum and Iíll try and dig up some old photos for the.  Collection

Cheers from sunny Oz