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Re: South allís
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Please keep me in the loop and I hope you have more luck than me, if all else fails I'll ask my granddaughters for help.
I seem to remember the Forman in the WED dept was a ------ Faulkner a tall ginger haired guy and do you remember the gardener Cliff his green house was attached to the side of the carpenters shop before we were re located to a building which virtually adjoined the electricians dept just separated by a pair of sealed doors.


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Re: South allís
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Have been trying to find out how to post photos too. Tried messaging the moderator but the webpage doesnít exist?. I think you have to scan your photos or take a picture of the photo with your phone,. Will keep trying

Hi Joan of Arc & tkl,

You might have had trouble messaging a moderator because the messaging system doesn't become available to new posters until they have made the required amount of posts.

If you are having trouble posting attachments, then try this method outlined here,

If you then still find a problem then message me and I will try to help you. You have made more than the required amount of posts now so you should have no problem.
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