Author Topic: Born or brought up in Birmingham. Would you?  (Read 81264 times)


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Re: Born or brought up in Birmingham. Would you?
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Our family lived in New John Street West. Hockley/Newtown. Mom and dad owned a cafe shop there ... We attended Farm Street School at the time... (Which is now Sadly gone).

Then Farm Street School closed down due to demolition, we moved to 16 Soho Road next to Polish wedding hall and The Frank Lay family next door. We attended newly built Welford Road School on Welford Road.
Both ours and Frank lays houses, and the Polish Wedding Hall was used to extend [size=78%]what is now part of the beautiful Sikh Temple On Soho Road.[/size]

So we moved from Soho Road to Thorn hill Rd and continued to attend Welford Road school before I attended Grove Lane School.

Now I reside in Leicester been here 13 years.

hello sha snap...i also attended farm st school from about 1959 to 1964..i lived in villa street..ive got lots of old photos of new john st west villa st and farm st school...looking at them brings back very happy memories for me

all the best



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Re: Born or brought up in Birmingham. Would you?
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Hello Lyn
How many time did you feel the gentle stroke of the cane.
In the approved school system boys would get 12 strokes on the hand or backside. Girls could
only receive 12 strokes on the hand.