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Create Your Way to Your Future
« on: Yesterday at 01:15:34 PM »
Creativity[/size]/Improv [/size]Course Class[/size][/size]
Create Your Way to your Future[/size][/size]
Would you like to improve your Creativity [/size]and Improvisation [/size]Skills?[/size][/size]
We are starting a 6 week[/size] [/size] course Every [/size]Wednesday from 2[/size]nd[/size] May 2018[/size].[/size][/size]
With the onset of Automation most Employers are looking for[/size][/size]
Strong creative Skills.[/size][/size]
In the next decade Creative skills will be essential.[/size][/size]
On this course we will invigorate your mind through group creativity exercises[/size][/size]
And improvisation tasks, expanding your abilities ,whilst having fun.[/size][/size]
We welcome all ages over 18 with a desire to improve and [/size]grow[/size].[/size][/size]
Birmingham City Centre [/size] Location[/size][/size]
Book Now - [/size]We have limited seats available.[/size][/size]
For[/size] [/size]more info and to Book[/size][/size]
My Creativity Class


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Re: Create Your Way to Your Future
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Advertising is not allowed on this site without the permission of the owner. I have already deleted one of your posts and unless you can either confirm that this course is free to applicants or you get approval from the owner by this time tomorrow 14.10, this post will also be deleted.
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