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Re: Alum Rock Saltley
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Hi lindyloo
Not sure Iím doing this correctly as never joined a forum before , but here goes !
I was just reading your post re Oldacres to my mother . Before I could mention your motherís name , she said ĎJeaní . I was amazed
She asks if Jean is still alive and does she remember a friend of my motherís , Margaret Pitkin. I believe Margaret and your Mum were good friends . My motherís name , Dorothy Rose.

Hi Eliza

Welcome to the forum, firstly I have to tell you that Lindyloo only made 7 posts to the forum in August 2009 and hasn't posted again since then. Though there is nothing to say that she doesn't look in on the forum occasionally, so it is entirely possible that she or even someone else may pick upon your post.

Don't worry about making mistakes on the forum, we have all had to learn. One tip, when using the quote facility always make sure before you start typing that your cursor is below the last quote indicator.
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