Author Topic: The President Lincoln...Longmore St  (Read 1118 times)


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The President Lincoln...Longmore St
« on: March 08, 2008, 02:00:23 PM »
We have recently discovered in the 1891 census that my great grandmother was the licensee of the President Lincoln Pub in Longmore St. We have trawled the internet looking for information or even a picture of this pub, but had no luck, so was just wondering if anyone on here could help us.


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Re: The President Lincoln...Longmore St
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Welcome to Birmingham Forum,

I have had a look through the resources I have, and the nearest to the given date I can get is in a 1903 Kelly's directory. At that time there was only one public house and two beer retailers in Longmore Street, which from the map you can see was only a small street. The name of the only public house was the Eagle and the name of the Landlord was A.W.Edge. The two beer retailers were W.Greathead and W Cheshire.

If you want to research further I suggest you try

They have more resources for this type of thing, but don't forget to come back and tell us how you get on.

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