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les may

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Lockdown has it's benefits. Unlimited time to browse, I am pleased to have found this topic and hope that it is still "live". I lived at 106 with my dad Jim and two elder sisters Iris and Joyce, still with us. The house was opposite Homers yard, the Britt a few doors down. Born '38, left when married '59. After St Annes I went to Grammar School and what with homework. girls and motorbikes (not necessarily in that order!), I lost touch with many pals. Johnny Dixon was across the road, his uncle the cobbler, I can still smell the sheets of leather. I knew the Bowdens, Crossleys and many other families. Roy Troughton kept pigeons, Brian King (Alma Crescent) came fishing with me in Coleshill, Keith Brown (Duddeston Mill) was a fellow motorbike fan.

  So many shops. We were across from Greens, and I can name ten others! Mr Richardson, a war pensioner, had a modified Morris 8. Cars were few, my dad cycled to work at Morris Commercial. He drank at the Britt and most of the many other pubs and clubs. After our wedding at St Matthews (the Rev Thomas) we went to the MCC Social Club (Alum Rock?)

Now in Devon, My Inkerman days a fond memory and constant fascination to my family!

Edmund Fifield

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Hi les may..Born 39 lived at183 .great friends with Kenny & Bobby Bowden and Ray Crossley and family. LIVED opposite  Pickfords little shop and Marsdens the bookies.

Think we all fished at Coleshill..
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Hello Ed and Les
I was the Cathcart Street boy. Lived at 41 then 62 and onto 59
That german bloke kept throwing things out of planes at us.
Do you remember the woman that kept the little grocery shop the corner of Cathcart Street
and Inkerman street. She got six months for a bacon black market fix up.
All of us kids got on well together. I never got Ed the cane at school.
Take care