Author Topic: Moving to Birmingham :3 Looking for friends  (Read 3644 times)


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Re: Moving to Birmingham :3 Looking for friends
« Reply #22 on: October 06, 2016, 10:46:22 PM »
Hello baruto,

Probably the average age on this forum is above 55.
Therefore, even without the "polish" attributes, it would be difficult to have a real communication bridge with this forumers.

Also, as you shortly realized, the subject is easily slipping towards personal in satisfactions of each. A brave personal past, fantastic youth, and you (or me, if you want) decided to come here and make everyone here old, depressed, and grumpy. How dare you? :)

There is no other connection between your self presentation and the remembering of drivers, pilots, daughters, housing, all in all, self inflicted hate and fear together.

Don't be disheartened of such short sighted welcoming.

I am visiting every Thursday and Saturday a sport centre in solihull.
It shouldn't matter (at least for me doesn't) but few guys there are polish.
That club offer wrestling, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and others.

Even if you are beginner, it could be fun for you.
A lot of young British men and women are there also, and you will be surprised how open minded are higher educated people who are active, combining work with sport.
Pm me if you want details.