Author Topic: The Beatles - Plaza Ballroom Handsworth 1962  (Read 1699 times)


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Re: The Beatles - Plaza Ballroom Handsworth 1962
« Reply #11 on: September 08, 2017, 04:38:04 PM »
          19th November was a Monday.
          Don't think that is correct.
          Definitely Handsworth Plaza but I think it was on a Wednesday.
          Yes, I agree that they were recorded as being in Germany on the 7th November.
          We are getting closer.
          I think it must have been either 14th or 21st November.
          As I said before, they turned up quite late and seemed a bit rushed, but, they were very good.
          Its frustrating when you have such a memorable night, could tell even then that it was special, but, the date is not recorded.
          The other writer who couldn't get in, is on about the gig at the Plaza in 1963. There weren't that many there on the 1962 concert that we are on about.
          If you confirm the date, please let us know, but I used to have to go to night school on a Mondays, so, if it was 19th November, then I must have wagged night school, which is unlikely.
          Do you think Paul McCartney kept any records of dates?


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Re: The Beatles - Plaza Ballroom Handsworth 1962
« Reply #12 on: September 14, 2017, 11:10:38 AM »
Yes my friend who was there said there wasn't many there so I think the other Plaza date was the 1963 date. They'd signed up to do the Ritz/Plaza again in January but due to weather it didn't happen as scheduled. By the time they could reschedule they had become quite big but still honoured their agreement with the Regans's to play at the Ritz and Plaza for one last time. So I can imagine the queue would have been big for that 1963 gig.

I've no idea if McCartney or any of them kept records and apart from the appeal from the Birmingham Mail a couple of years ago I've not found any online record. The best that can be done is to pick possible dates around known appearances but I'm pretty sure looking at the schedule it must have been in November 1962.

We need someone who kept the ticket !

Edmund Fifield

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Re: The Beatles - Plaza Ballroom Handsworth 1962
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Can't remember the date ,but was definitely on a Saturday.My mate and I had been down the Villa .We then met our girlfriends in the City Centre went and had something to eat and the we went to the Plaza,Got there about 8.3o the queue was right round the corner of the Plaza,so didn't bother to wait.hope this helps