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Tracing old friends
« on: April 26, 2017, 02:58:01 PM »

I need some help tracing some old friends from back in the mid 1970's
There name is alan unsworth and frances unsworth who lived in armthorpe near doncaster in south yorkshire back then.
They had a son mark who was about 4 then and they had family in the birmingham area could be tamworth or sutton coal field.
They were a big family and frances had a brother who was from memory a know footballer called chris. I also remember diane who was family too.
I would like to see alan and frances again so any help would be gratefull.
They could have been living in polesworth but that was up to 2015.
I cannot trace past this date.
Frances was about 26 then and alan about 31

Or if anyone can point out were to check in the birmingham area.
A run down there would be nice.
Many thanks chris