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Stryker of the Yard
« on: August 02, 2017, 08:57:19 PM »

Years ago on BRMB during the sport on Saturday afternoon they ran a competition, this revolved around trying to stump the host of the programme . On the afternoon I took part , it was about tv programmes he'd never heard of I phoned in and said Stryker of the Yard which was on in the 60's . It starred Clifford Evans and his sidekick George Woodbridge , do any of our members remember this
He certainly hadn't strange thing is , never did find out whether I'd won a prize or not .

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Re: Stryker of the Yard
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I remember Fabian of the yard they were good real life crime stories.
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Re: Stryker of the Yard
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You are right, Stryker of the Yard was broadcast in the 50s. Often called Dustbin of the Yard as a joke.
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