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Re: Metal work at school.
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I have no idea how they decided  who  would go to the woodwork class or the metal work one.  It seems that the class was split, probably 50/50.  However the decision maker probably realized I would less dangerous with a file rather than chisel!
Not withstanding most carpentry and metal working skills were gained long after I had left  school.
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Re: Metal work at school.
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Yes Metalwork , Mr Scarret was our metalwork teacher a very rare one indeed . He never attended any of the morning assemblies , was it
1963 the bad winter ? Threw his rattle out of the pram with one pupil , told him to go to his office ,where he would find a toothbrush then go outside and sweep the snow off the playground . I loved metalwork though made various things one being an aluminium glassholder for the bathroom(eh eh backstreet house , bathroom !!!!) Still good old days
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