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Re: History Of Boxing in Birmingham
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My grandfather name was Bill Thomas he was a Pro from 1924 to 1939 he boxed out of the Garrison ABC
And fought at the Garrison Tavern a few times, he fought at lightweight and welterweight
I have a record of most of his fights, he worked at the Austin Aero works and did a few promotion bouts
His last one was against Leo Phillips at the Tower Ballroom in 1939 in aid of the Troops and families 
Jack Hood ref’d the fight

Hi, Leo Phillips was my Grandmother's brother, I have bee trying to find any information and pictures on Leo as we have none. My 21 year old nephew is a great young boxer. {Alex Clegg} He had no idea there were Boxers in the family,  Leo also had an Uncle, "Seth Phillips" who was a Welsh boxer about 1900-1910ish.  I'd like to surprise Alex with the history of their Boxing careers.  He is still blown out that my Gr Grandfather was a notorious Racecourse Gang member or Peaky Blinder. I've got about 50 news paper stories on him.and his many court records.
I will put up a new thread with his story and what I've collected so far. Even thou I grew up in Acocks Green, I live in Australia. I would appreciate any help at all.
Thank you


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Re: History Of Boxing in Birmingham
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Hi Ken u
  this is a long time since this post has been here. but i am doing my family tree and Alf Greenfield is also my great great grandad and research landed me here. i was really intrigued what had happened to the painting.  it may be inappropriate but i dont know many of the family from my dads side and would like to know more. especially from the greenfield side. would you be able to message me if you would be interested in helping me. i would really appreciate it. if not thanks for your time