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Kia Ora
Greetings from New Zealand!
My Great grands left Brum and their respective familes in 1878.  I would love to find descendants!
Does anyone recognise the names/addresses I have listed below perhaps connected  to your family or listed in School Jubilee books or as neighbours?

[Vincent & Hannah WARDcolor=blue][/color] lived at 8 Millward St Aston in 1901.
Their children:
1.Henry WARD & wife Elizabeth came to New Zealand in 1878.

2.Sarah Ann WARD married William STEPHENS. 2 sons George Ernest STEPHENS married Fanny Gertrude Lucy DUDLEY. George died in 1917.
Arthur Harry STEPHENS married Mary HARPER
This family lived at 4 Carlton Rd Small Heath. In 1917 when George died his wife was at 787 Alum Rock.

3. Fanny WARD married William EDGEWORTH  . 1 son John Henry Edgeworth died 1917 Belgium. 1 Daughter Fanny Edgeworth married Frederick WILLIAMS.

This family lived at 28 Wright Street St Andrews.

4. Frederick WARD married Caroline HODGKISS a widow. They had 2 daughters Ellen & Florence WARD. By 1901 Fred was a widower and living at 8 Millward St. I have no idea what happened to the daughters.

5. John WARD married Mary Ann WARD
Their children were Florence A, Minnie, Elsie, Annie Beatrice, Ethel and Benjamin John  WARD.
I know Annie Beatrice married William George FARREN & Benjamin John married Gladys Ivy DERRY.

Around the 1920s this family lived at 343 Heather Road.

6. Jane Ward married James BYRNE (Burns?) and had Eva Mary BYRNE and James Henry BYRNE.Eva Mary married Charles A BAKER & James Henry possibly Dorothy Ada Barratt.

Around 1910 this family lived at 41 St Andrews Rd.

If you recognise a friend or neighbour's surname  I would appreciate hearing from you/them if only to eliminate them from my search! WARD was such a popular  ;D surname in Aston and Birmingham I may have missed some children!  I have photos circa 1900 and quite a tale to tell of Henry and Elizabeth and their 10 surviving children DOWN UNDER!


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I took the liberty to forward this enquiry to a forum more suitable in answering your research requests.
I have received posts back from them that they have not been able to add to what you have already asked from them.
Their suggestion was for you to split your search into fewer names and take it from there.
I hope this helps rather than hinders. Good luck. O0
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Rather bemused as I have no idea WHAT forum you sent it to! I was really hoping someone in the family or a friend thereof might reply rather than making a research request!

Living in hope!