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Re: 60s Motorcycle dealers
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When I owned a BSA DB34 Gold Star I got a bit fed up with the 'wind in the face' bit so I went to see Bill Jakeman in Brindley Ford who was a whizz at making fairings in aluminium and fibreglass.
He had a racing fairing going spare so I asked him to fit it to my 'bike and he made a super job of fitting the headlamp into the aperture he made.
Problem was it was polished ali and blatting it down the dual carriageway between Cannock and Wolverhampton, Mr.Plod pulled me over. 'Do you know you're blinding everyone with that?' 'Pardon?' 'Get that fairing painted or wire woolled, it's like a moving mirror'. 8) 'Sorry Officer'.

I had it painted.  :-\

It was very similar to this:
The ex-Bill Smith/John Hartle, Thruxton 500-Mile Race class-winning,1961 Honda 250cc CB72 Production Racing Motorcycle  Frame no. CB72 22396 Engine no. CB72E 211395

Woo Hoo!
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