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Re: villa street hockley
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The map came from the old Maps site ( ). It was the 1:1250  OS map of c 1955 (in which many of the houses are numbered). To view it at that magnification ou hav eto hav ea subscription.You can also purchase areas, though it is very  expensive. The maps are also available to look at at the local studies library in Birmingham, though, although thye have coin photocopiers, not sure how easy it would be to copy them, because of the size.
Would have put a larger area on, but the size restrictions of the site prevents that at that resolution fora large area


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Re: villa street hockley
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Again thankyou so much for info. Will be in Bham after Christmas and will try look at maps then. Tonight I have just read through this site from the beginning really is good isn't it?  I am also going to try e rolls for more info. Would like to see pics of re union held in September but cant seem to find them. Thanks again