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Countrylad Welcome
« on: January 11, 2018, 02:59:21 AM »
Hi Countrylad. Thanks for the kind words. The good thing is that I generally have a very good long term memory. Its the short term stuff that escapes me!

I still have the mind and heart of the 22 year old kid that left Brum all those years ago, but its too bad its all stuck inside the body of what appears to be an "old fart" when I look in the mirror these days. Where did all of the years go and why so quickly?

PSF employed over 14,000 people when I apprenticed there from '68 through '71 when Birmingham was still a hive of industry. PSF put food on the tables of many during its heyday.

I often wonder just how much money was handed out at the wickets on pay day each week.

I enjoyed growing up in Birmingham in those times when things were very different, as the city and suburbs rebuilt evolved post WWII. Pubs, night clubs and freedom to do a lot of things that we might not get away with today.

No matter where I live though, there is nothing that will ever supplant the traditional British dry humour and wit!

Take care to all here in the forum and I'll try to stop in to visit and root through some of the old posts here to spark some useful memories for discussion.


Martin Smith