Author Topic: a long overdue vist to B'ham also an overdue vist to this Forum  (Read 312 times)


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a long overdue vist to B'ham also an overdue vist to this Forum
« on: November 25, 2018, 04:34:34 PM »
  In September   I   returned to  Birmingham --   for  the EGM   of  my  Professional union ---     held  in the Rep theatre  -

    It was a  controversial event,  which   sadly  for  some had  a  not so  good ending...   
  The food  was excellent   so  top  marks  for the caterers  except  the apples   were   very  green and  very  hard.

  We  stayed  overnight   in  the only  hotel  with  available rooms  Ibis Budget--   good value  for the Price and  secure  parking --  but difficult to   find.  After   4 circuits   of  nearby  streets  and  enquiring  at  other   same  named hotels --- who   said  it is  just over  there or  behind  there.,  found  it      really  by  luck   more than  anything.    Satnav  was   confused   so  that was turned off ,think it  thought  we were off to  Alabama.

I  did  not  recognise  the  city centre     ,thought  it   would have  changed after  the intervening years    but   did  not expect   quite as much.  There   seemed to be more    over and underpasses   than I recalled   but  when I was there    travelled  on  buses  and  trains.   I would have liked to have stayed   another night or   2   but    something called work  beckoned.    One day   would  like to return to Moseley  and see   how  much that has  changed  since  working  at the Sorrento  Hosp.         Happy  memories