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My gran who was born in 1900 always use to call the dustbin the miskin eg 'put this in the miskin' .  I have looked up the word miskin in the dictionary and cant find it.   So wondered if it was a word specific to Birmingham as my family are brummies.  I am remembering this wrong or does anyone else remember the dustbin being called the Miskin?


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Re: Miskin
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I'm sure we did this a few years back on the forum, a miskin originally was an area where tenants usually in back courts dumped all their rubbish and very infrequently men hired by the landlords would come around and clear the rubbish away. As the Councils took over more and more of the slum areas they provided bins for the rubbish and set up regular collections. As the bins more often than not were placed in the miskin area they themselves became known as miskins.
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Re: Miskin
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Redmoggy.Alway as a child heard that the Miskin men were coming to take away the dustbin.
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