Author Topic: BASS MUSIC FESTIVAL starts June 1st  (Read 1119 times)


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Birmingham is a weird place for music. Whilst the underground has always been tight, with local promoters pushing some of the best nights to be found in the UK, the cityís never really got the recognition it deserves and this strong reputation has remained a bit underground.

Birmingham based events maestros Punch reckon the city deserves a better rep and are aiming to put Birmingham on everyoneís musical map with a hugely ambitious black music festival this June, entitled BASS (which stands for Birmingham Art and Street Sounds) and comprising around 30 events.

It features some serious artists in unexpected places, as one of the organiserís aims for the project was to challenge ideas of where music events happen. So, the festival features scratch DJs in a classical concert hall, music producers in an art gallery and MCs in museums.

Additionally Punch have put together a seriously strong line-up for the festival featuring leading artists in Grime, DnB, Hip Hop, Future Jazz, Reggae, Broken Beat, NY Disco and Gospel as well as a hip hop film festival, a photography exhibition, the Birmingham leg of the V&Aís Black British Style exhibition and a new project featuring some of the Midlandís finest grime MCs.
The BASS Music festival in Birmingham will feature live performance from the excellent darling of the broken beat scene Mark de Clive Lowe also performing in the month of June Tony Kofi with his seamless fusion of African rhythms, Urban beats and Jazz solos, Also various music workshops will be held throughout the festival Producers, DJís, MCís Involved are TY, Tigerstyle and Woody.

Nice. It sounds like one way or another itís going to be hard to miss and should put Birmingham slap bang in the centre of the musical map this summer. For all the details check out the festival website at or call punch on 0121 224 7444