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Highfield Road Hall Green
« on: March 26, 2020, 10:04:28 AM »
This is just a nostalgia trip, I am now 78 years old ( in good health ) but my daughter has recently started a family history, and is asking all sorts of questions some of which bring back old memories,  I was born in Highfield Road Hall Green and have been looking at old pictures, I remember that the house was just a short distance from Stratford Road and the Beacon insurance company was just around the corner there was a large Beacon on the wall outside of the building but it sticks in my mind  I believe the Robin Hood cinema was near by. It would be very interesting to hear from anyone that knew or knows Highfield Road .
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Re: Highfield Road Hall Green
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2020, 11:24:53 AM »
I live not far from Highfield Rd and have done for since 1977.
Lets start with the Beacon Building no longer Insurance but now an office block. I understand that there are plans to convert it into Flats. Right opposite the Stratford Rd Highfield Rd junction The Bull still remains. The Robin Hood Cinema long gone now a Waitrose Supermarket must have been there well over 30 years.
You might remember Moor Green FC in Sherwood Rd the land was bought some years ago and houses now stand on the site.
Highfield Rd has not changed that much you might remember the Big House on the corner of Highfield  and Robin Hood Lane it was demolished about 5 years ago and Flats occupy the site. From your description I guess your house would not  be far from Delamere Rd. a couple of houses on the corner of Delamere and Highfield Rd were converted into a Care Home about 15 years ago. Most of the shops Estate Agents etc just inside Highfield would have changed hands a few actually there is very nice Italian Restaurant there now
The Nat West Bank on Stratford / Highfield Rd now derelict further down there is still a row of shops you might remember Mrs Self's Grocery . The only shop you might remember and still in business is 'Valerie' ladies hairdressers.
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