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Mackadown Lane, Tile Cross
« on: May 10, 2020, 04:38:04 PM »
My first post on here but I have read quite a lot of others especially the Tile Cross posts.
So yes, that's where I lived from the age of 5 to 11, 1962 - 1968, 212 Mackadown in the maisonettes on the right heading toward the railway bridge.  These were immediately after the EPE works.
Many good memories of the area and all seemingly mentioned by others at some point.  The 'tip' opposite where we spent many many hours playing, the land between the houses and the railway accessed via the public footpath that ran between the maisonettes and EPE (this led across the railway to Garretts Green Trading Estate) - and also accessed from Stockton Grove where my Great Grandmother lived, or from the track adjacent to the railway bridge that ran behind the houses at that end.  This expanse of land is now an office furniture warehouse I believe Ė spoilt the view from our place.  The footpath is still there but a footbridge now crosses the railway.
We also spent a good deal of time playing on the land in front of the EPE by the 2 brick buildings and beyond by the trees and small spinney.
Before Chelmsley estate was built we ventured there at times usually from by the Bell Inn along the river but also from Tile Cross Road; and also spent a lot of time on the waste land behind the prefabs on the right of the lane after you pass under the bridge.  This was seemingly a huge area where we were were undisturbed to do whatever we wanted.  And behind the prefabs on the left of the lane (again after going under the bridge toward the Radleys) there was also some land we could play on.  Our access to this was often from the bottom of Fastmoor Oval where the stream ran under the railway through a brick built tunnel. We would take off our shoes and socks and paddle through the water to the other end - I'm sure that tunnel is still there.
The 'rec' between St Giles Rd and Tile Cross Rd behind St Peters Church was also a place of regular visits - so much exploring at such an early age.  Remember the snow of winter '63?  Dad bought me and my brother our first sledge and we could use it in the road as it was virtually traffic free.
Going back to my early years does anybody remember the 2 (?) cottages that were around where the EPE land bordered the lane?  These were rumoured to be around 400 years old, one of the teachers from Shirestone lived in one until they were demolished, now the Mackadown Sports & Social Club.  Opposite the maisonettes one of the houses had a little shop in the front room where we could buy sweets . . . . . !     On the opposite side to the EPE and all the way down toward the Doctors at the junction with St Giles Rd were prefabs.
I went to Shirestone School until we left the maisonette for a new house on Chelmsley, just off Tile Cross Rd. Unfortunately I was ill at that time and donít recall being able to say my goodbyes to friends.  Talking of friends, quite a few but my memory for names isnít brilliant but I do remember:  Francis & David Wallace(next door), Carole and ? Moore(next door), opposite were Tina ? & ? & Jane, (Beauchamps?) next to the entrance to the tip , Beverley, Wayne, Tina, Susan, Sandra & ?, Billy and more.

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Re: Mackadown Lane, Tile Cross
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Played football on the field behind EPE  for many years till 1958-59 Also on Donkey hollow  down Lea Hall way behind the Garage  on the Dual the railway bridge.
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