Author Topic: Barry Whitmore School of Dancing, Smethwick  (Read 94 times)


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Barry Whitmore School of Dancing, Smethwick
« on: August 25, 2020, 11:22:56 AM »
Hi, Iím new to this forum and Iím hoping someone will be able to give me some information on the Barry Whitmore school of dancing. My mother whoís 90 , keeps telling me stories of her time there in the 1930 -40ís. I canít find any records of it only have the old photos of her in the dance troop.
She also worked at Peter Blacks Drapery store before moving to Lancashire in 1950.
My parents (dad 93 & lived in Manor Rd ) are coming back to Smethwick (virus permitting) to celebrate their 71st wedding anniversary in October and going to St Matthews church so any help in memorabilia would be fantastic.
[size=78%]Thank you , [/size]
[size=78%]Louise [/size]