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Long lost relative, Sidney Hunt
« on: September 03, 2020, 04:03:36 PM »
This is a very long shot but does anyone have any recollection of my grandfather Sidney Hunt or his friend Beatrice Tector? Sidney was born in 1886 and lived at various addresses which included Percy Rd., Greet; Belgrave Road, Bloomsbury St, Bracebridge St and Ashley St. He went missing from Ashley St around 1933 leaving my Grandma, my father, my aunt and uncles. He started his criminal career around 1915/16 going on a spree robbing from hotels in Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham and elsewhere with Beatrice Tector (not the Beatrice he was married to!). They both received short prison sentences, he was called up after his release to the Royal Artillery and was later posted AWOL, later he was posted as a deserter. He was arrested in Glasgow and sentenced to 18 months by the civilian court for stealing motorbikes, on his release he was court martialled but only for going AWOL. After being demobbed he was sentenced to 3 years in Dartmoor for forgery. We believe he may have hooked up with Beatrice Tector again at some point, she was described as being seperated from her husband but had 2 children at dates which could be significant in Sidney's life. In the 1920's he was a market trader selling patent medicines. He disappeared, seemingly without trace, around 1933. I have recently discovered that my Grandma knew where he went but vowed never to mention him again which she never did!  As I say a very long shot but does anyone have any idea?