Author Topic: Finding someone from 1964/5 Gulistan Indian Mosely Road  (Read 73 times)

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Finding someone from 1964/5 Gulistan Indian Mosely Road
« on: February 03, 2021, 12:58:41 AM »

This will be quite a mad  read but it's desperate measures!! I have been trawling the internet and Facebook and happened to see a blog/posts about Curry Houses in Birmingham in the past

I am along with my sister on a search for a person who used to work in The Gulistan Curry House on Moseley Road would have been 1964/5.

Any people who may have contacts from that era who could put us in touch with anyone that remembers The Gulistan and who worked there or owned it.

My sister was adopted and her father was called Tony . .we don't think he knows of her existence. She was born to Maureen Murphy in 1965. I was born two years later but with a different father.

My sister was in a Nunnery for 4 years and was then adopted and had a good life, wonderful parents.

She found me in 1991 and we both traced our mum who passed in 2016 and both my sisters adopted parents now passed.

She is we think half Pakistani/Indian we just don't know as the only information we have is her father was either Indian or Pakistani which could even be wrong and worked at the Gulistan. His name he went by we don't think it was his proper name was Tony.

It's heartbreaking for her not knowing her roots/identity and for her children also. She is a beautiful woman inside and out and has left it this long firstly not to upset her adoptive parents and just very scared as we think her father may have been married at the time.

Anyone you can put me in touch with that you may have spoken to from that era I would be forever in your debt. Someone has to remember somewhere and I just don't know what to do. Our Aunt and Uncle only know this much too as my Grandad was strict Irish catholic and was also racist which is why it was all kept hush hush and my sister adopted.

It's just so very sad and after years of watching my sister so upset I just thought I have nothing to lose by emailing you.

I appreciate you reading this and your time and go and happy for anyone to contact me as well. I am living in Bournemouth and my sister is in Manchester. We planned to visit Birmingham over the last few years but always something happened to stop it and with this virus now it's also stopped us travelling. Thank you so much for anything you know or anyone you can put me in touch with.

Kind Regards

Diane Elsworthy