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 Do you remember, we stood for the national anthem at the end and frowned on anyone who didn`t.
As rebellious teens, in the 50s we used to stampede out of the cinema at the end of a film in an effort to avoid the anthem. The thing was, if it began before we got out we'd skid to a halt and stand there till the anthem finished !

Nostalgia is great, but not what is used to be !!!


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The first time I went to the pictures my 3 aunties took 5of us to the Gaitey in Coleshill St to see Sleeping Beauty just after the war had finished .We went upstairs in the balcony in the front row.After that got the bug and went to the 3p crush on Sat Mornings at the Ashted picture house,it saved the tram fare


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I remember around 1957 when the Film 'Rock Around The Clock was doing the rounds. I had seen it at The Old Gaumont in town but a few weeks later it reached the Old Rialto in Hall Green I took my girl friend now my wife to see it. Feeling flushed  I remember I splashing out 1/9d for seats in the Rear Stalls. The Rialto was one of those old cinemas with usherettes and an Organist. To give you some idea of the place one of the Usherettes was named Minnie and the Organist was one Foley Bates his mother obviously had quite an imagination. In those days there was always a double feature the News Trailers etc. The second feature and the news the trailers all went without incident. Then Bill Haley complete with Kiss Curl and his Comets hit the screen Foley the organist had long disappeared by the time Bill hit the first few cords of  Rock Around The Clock or See You Latter Alligator. The place erupted there was dancing in the aisles god knows what that dear soul Minnie thought about it all. The Manager tried to restore order this only added to the mayhem which quickly into a full scale riots rows of seats in the Front Stalls fell like a pack of cards.There was a full scale dance going on in the Balcony  By the time the Police arrived we were on a 37 bus on our way home. News of The Rialto riot spread like wild fire. It had already reached the ears of my girlfriend's Dad by the time I had taken her home when he asked us where we had been we said The Robin Hood.
I understand that the damage caused to The Balcony was so bad and from that night when dear Old Bill played the Rialto it was deemed unsafe  never used again and the Film was banned from further showings in Birmingham.
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