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"Places With You" a book of poetry has been published recently by Matador. It costs 11.99. The author, Kathleen Breen (1953 - 2004), came from a Protestant family ... she lived at Seymour Hill, Dunmurry. She attended Larkfield Secondary School and was a member of the Girl's Brigade. She enjoyed the GB Public Speaking events. Kathleen married and lived in Bangor where she worked as a hospital ward clerk and dental assistant. By 1987 she had become a mother to two girls, and was a graduate of QUB in English Literature as well as being an MA in Medieval Studies. In 1987 she met John Breen. In 1996 she and John married at Ballycastle. They lived at Whitehead, moved to France but later returned to the UK. Kathleen and John had two children .. a boy and a girl. Prior to her death, Kathleen was a member of the staff at King Edward VI School in Edgsbaston, Birmingham. ... one of the top independent schools in England. John, who is now the head of English at Hagley RC High School in Worcester published Kathleen's book of poems as a celebration of her life.

Source: Belfast Telegraph. Wednesday 21st June, 2006.