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ST George's Day
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St George’s Day

It is a good thing is it not, that on this one day of the year at least, people of English birth come together in a festive mood, that will take them out of the rut of everyday life, away from their selfish thought of business, though admirable, their own petty domestic cares, and remind them of their ancestors, learn something of their race and place as a nation in the history of the world. . . 

It is a good to revive the memory of their history, to be filled with a noble emulation of the glories of their forefathers that will make them examine their own consciences, as it were, to see if they are degenerate sons and daughters of well-known men, shall inspire them with a firm resolve, to transmit to a prosperity the blessings of religion or character of whatsoever kind they have inherited.

In this beloved country of the British Isles where Anglo and Celt come together, to  form  a still strong force in the world, that shall be, we may well believe – will make speedier the day hoped for by the wise and prayed for by the saints, when the whole human family will be literally one, when wars shall cease among men, when race prejudges will be things of the past , while  still retaining their individuality, the whole world shall become one magnificent family. . .
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