Author Topic: Lost shops of Brum  (Read 37070 times)


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Re: Lost shops of Brum
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I'm afraid you wouldn't recognise much of the old town now. The same as I get lost in Dundee on the odd occasion when I visit now.

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Re: Lost shops of Brum
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Thorntons Toy shop Harbourne......
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Re: Lost shops of Brum
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Hi Maypolemadman

You are getting yourself mixed up, Boots was on the Colmore Row side of Bull St and FHW was on the Steelhouse Lane Side.

Here is an extract from Kelly's directory showing what I mean, and also a photo of Boots in its prime.


50 Halford Cycle Co. Ltd.
cycle mfrs
51 Burton Montague Ltd.
52 Freeman, Hardy & Willis
Limited, boot mkrs
.. here are Colmore row &
Steelhouse la
Boots The Chemists
59 Withers (Tobacconist)
Limited, tobccnsts
60 Sears J.& Co.(True-Form
Boot Co.) Limited
GREY'S (Edward
Grey Ltd. proprietors),
fancy drapers. T N's
Central 7681 to 7688
73 Lamp Tavern (The),
Rt. Cureton
74 Lyons J. & Co. Ltd. cafe
Am I right in thinking this is in Colemore Row. I am writing a family history of Withers, Edwin Withers ran a tobacconist from Worcester Street. Looking for any pics of Withers as Tobacconist in Brum.Cheers  David