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Re: Birmingham Remembered
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Sorry John, I did mean J_L, forgive an old man with a failing body and now brain :'(.

You have given me an idea to take a closer look at these Romanies, always willing to learn something new.

When first in Belgium used to have wine evenings at our lakeside with friends from France, Belgium, Holland etc. Just candle light wine and.... Djanjo and Segovia, agréable, délicieuse.


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Re: Birmingham Remembered
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Django and Segovia????? Ah... now you're talking...!  :P

BTW, I sent you a private e-mail earlier, but maybe you've not read it yet...

It went:

"I saw your profile on and so your comments about Belgium etc. clicked into place! I see also that you were born in Jan 1944, so you're older to me by 3 months! But that you went to Clifton Road and Dennis Road schools causes me to ask you whether the name 'John Biddle' rings a bell with you. In my teens he was a good mate of mine, but we lost touch ca. 1965. He was brought up in Clifton Road and I met him when we both turned up at Bordesley Green Technical School in '58.

Actually, the area where you appear to have been brought up was populated by a lot of LERWILLs in the 19th c. - particularly around Ladypool Road. There's a pub at the Clifton Road/Ladypool Road junction that was run by a 2 x great uncle of mine once upon a time.

Talking about cycling, there was a former British Olympics cyclist (1940s period) who had a shop in Kings Heath. I bought two bikes from him over a 20-year period - can't remember his name offhand, but I'm pretty sure he appeared on TV not too long back."

And then I say your posting on an other topic about Tommy Godwin, and, of course it was he that I was talking about! Glad to see he was such a hlep to you!
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