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Re: Munns Brothers, Camden Street, Hockley 1965/67 ish
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When i started at Munns i was put on cutting rolls of B&W prints but had to go out to be shown the collection/delivery rounds .  I think Harold was the man who would have initially shown me  , after that whenever they had a new driver i would go with them a couple of times to show them . Im sure they used Morris Minor vans before they got Hillman Imps .

Mt Lawrence i always felt was like a big kid , immature and wanted to look important so came across as a bit of a plonker , Mr Graham was the opposite very different character , everyone had a lot more respect for him .

I find that i struggle remembering names but you have jogged my memory on quite a few . The day i left Candy and Melody said as they might not see me again and we should  do something special so we went to the Midland Red Bus station and got return tickets on the next bus leaving , it took us to Manchester , we spent the night larking around the city center and getting thrown out of all night cafes , i had forgot their names but wont ever forget that night .

There was another guy around the same age as Mr George , a sort of odd job man who would do repairs and fix things like plumbing . A few days before i left he got me to stand next to a steel beam and he marked my height , think it was in a loft , he said when you come back i guarantee you will have grown .

Dont remember any of the other names you just mentioned but they were in the Colour dept so i doubt i would have know them very well other than saying hi . The only person i remember well from Colour was my girlfriend Valerie Parker , you might remember her , very attractive slim , long dark brown hair and ample curves in the right place,  and we continued to see each other during the 6 years i was in the RAF  i would see her every time i went home , she lives close to my Parents .

Do you remember having to clock in by 3 mins past the hour , 4 mins and you would loose 15 mins , until Bob Jones joined and started giving me a lift in i would often get in 15 mins early then i had to get Mr George to initial my card so i got paid the extra . That extra i benefit from now , only time i ever paid Graduated pension , only a few pence but now i get a few quid extra on my UK State pension because of it .