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Re: saturday morning pictures
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Hi Pat

Some of the threads end abruptly because being small in numbers once we have recorded our memory about a specific place or memory then the thread runs out of steam until a newish member like yourself inputs your own valuable memories. Then sometimes like magic the thread becomes revitalised.

Make Love Not War

Pat H

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Re: saturday morning pictures
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Hi Jerry
I lived on Somerville road between Dora and St Oswalds road number 143.
Left in 1961 at the age of 18, my mother and brothers stayed and later moved to Sheldon.
Those pic's of the cinema's on your site are amazing, I can't believe all the photos that are on this forum, its a good job someone had the foresight to take them at the time.

Thanks Phil, having not long found this site I'm enjoying wading though all the interesting history available here, my childhood certainly wasn't half as interesting as some of the folk's on here.