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Urgent - help/info required!!
« on: July 20, 2009, 04:56:58 AM »
Hello, I posted one or two threads on here many months ago, but thought I'd try and consolidate everything I need into one thread!

I'm in the process of making a scrapbook for my dad's birthday and need a little help! After half heartedly planning his present in my head for 8 months, it suddenly appears there is only a week left to The Big Day - so I'm rushing to get it done!!

I have a few things which I can't find on the internet (info/photos of etc) and wondered if anyone could help?

Just to give a brief background - my dad (Christopher Dodd) was born in Handsworth in 1950 to Hilda Dodd (nee Hines) & Christopher Dodd (sr) and moved to Harborne in approx 1956/7. He was an only child and my grandad died when my dad was 12. He attended Greenmore College and is married to his childhood girlfriend, Anne Dodd. (nee McFarlane, from Troon.)

1) I'm looking for a photo of Murdock Road as he lived at number 123 when he was born.

2) Looking for a photo of Bishop Latimer's church in Winston Green

3) Looking for a photo of 32 Spencer Street circa 1950's as his father owned a jewellery factory there. I'm unsure of the name (Dodd Ltd?) but I know it became Dodd and Rogers Ltd in 1962. There is a jewellery shop who buy and sell and their trading name and address is D & R Jewellery, Vyse St, but I don't know if this is anything to do with Dodd & Rogers from years ago.
Co-incidental name maybe??

4) Looking for a photo of Carless Avenue, Harborne as he lived at number 76 when he was about 6 or 8

5) Needing a photo of the Central Methodist Church

6) A photo of Cherrington Close, Redditch, as he lived at number 18

7) Haven't been able to find a photo of B'ham Town Hall circa 1960 (Ordered one from central library - archives - but they couldn't find it)

8) A photo of B'ham Repertory Theatre circa 1960

9) A photo of the Alexandra Theatre circa 1960

10) Looking for a photo of Dr Cyril Christopher. He was a lecturer at B'ham School of Music and was the organist of Carr's Lane church in the city centre. He taught my father the organ.

11) Needing a photo of Dudley Road hospital circa 1950

12) Needing a photo of Danzey Green circa 1940 and a photo of any churches there?

13) Needing photo circa 1955 or Harborne Collegiate (now demolished, but was on Court Oak Road at the foot of Woodville Road)

14) Needing photo of St. Peter's Church and/or the organist George Miles

15) Looking for anyone who may know the whereabouts of my dad's 2 old school friends; John Sewell and John Scholar. Both will be 58-60 now i think

16) Can anyone find a decent photo of George Thalben-Ball, the city's famous organist? I can only find small ones which won't print clearly

17) Looking for a photo of The Black Horse pub at Illey, circa 1958/60ish

18) Looking for a photo of The Bell at Bellbroughton pub/restaurant circa 1958/60ish

19) Looking for an old photo of Lewis' rooftop playground circa 1950's/60's

Hmmm....didn't realise I had quite so much info to find!!!

If anyone could help I'd greatly appreciate it. Am off back to Brum tomorrow armed with my camera to do the 'after' shots of Dad's old the OH is wishing he hadn't taken a day off work now!!

Thanks in advance,

ETA: My Dad had an article written about him in the B'ham Evening Mail in about 1969/70 as he was (at that time) the youngest church organist in B'ham. Does anyone have any idea how I can get hold of a copy of this article - as it would be amazing to give him it!!