Author Topic: Looking for old friends or family?  (Read 220064 times)


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Re: Looking for old friends or family?
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Mikejee- thank you!

..... off to take a look.......


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Re: Looking for old friends or family?
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I am trying to trace a Frederick Stanley Lester Marklew and possibly an Alice Risby.
Frederick would be in his 80-90's, he lived in Birmingham at Dyas road with his family: Edith Annie, Arthur Lester and henrietta Marklew in 1939. Frederick served the 2nd world war in 1943 at Stratford upon avon. We traced he moved to Quinton with Alice (possibly his wife) later in 1950's she changed her surname to Risby and we lost track of Frederick.
If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. Desperately trying to get information on Frederick and any family related to him.
Many thanks
We are many years on, but I thought I'd mention that I am a Marklew and grew up in Birmingham. My father was a Stanley (b. 1923) I doubt there is a connection, but you never know. I do have a family tree somewhere and I will look to see if I can see your Frederick - it doesn't ring a bell. I have only just found this forum, and it has now sparked an interest!
I think my grandad's sister was called Alice, but she would have lost her Marklew surname on marrying.