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Lets talk christmas
« on: December 12, 2006, 03:59:17 AM »
Are we all ready for christmas? I still need to decide what to buy for two of my grandkids. They seem to have everything and i am at a loss for ideas. ::)

This got me thinking of christmas when i was a child. I remember the year we had a gas fire installed and a friend at school told me i would not get my presents if father christmas could not get through from the chimney. I was panic stricken and made my grandad promise to take the fire out on christmas eve. Of course he said he would do it after i went to bed. ;D

Which presents did you receive that stick in your mind the most? Also did you get similar mostly unwanted presents off aunts and uncles?

I guess the two big presents i remember from when i was quite young have to be my dolls pram and three wheeler bike [bought on different years - i did well for pressies but not that well] The pram was a dolls silver cross model. Wish to god i had it now as they are worth a fortune these days.

Then there were the pressies off my two spinster aunts. Every year boxed hankies. Very pretty often with lace borders but oh so so boreing. It's almost child cruelty to send a kid a pressie like that. They were that fancy that you could not even use them to blow your nose on. Of course i always thanked my aunts and told them i was delighted because they probably cost quite a bit [they only shopped at rackhams].

Another one i remember was again from a relation who lived in Nuneaton. It was one of those mr potato kits. The one with hats faces etc which you stuck into a potato to make them look human. Mom cursed that relation for months as all her spuds had holes in them after that. ;D

Going on to christmas when i had my children. Anyone remember the evil knieval stunt bike? I remember buying that for one of my sons when he was about 8 [he is now 31] It cost about 7.99. My older son recently aquired the same toy from a boot fair it was boxed and cost him twenty quid. I told him he was nuts to spend that much. How wrong was i. ::) He put it on ebay and it sold for almost 300.

So come on tell us your christmas stories. ;D

roy one

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Re: Lets talk christmas
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2006, 10:51:44 AM »
i think i was about 7  xmas morning i got up  run downs stairs to see if farther xmas had been yes he had  that xmas i done well i had the dan dare book a big paint box and a book to go with it and a wind up tin racing car and something that i did not understand at first it was like a duck with a thin long neck you  stood it next to a cup of water and made its head wet and away it went all day it went dipping its head in the water all on its own i could not understand how it was doing that
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