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I can send you the higher resolution scan of the negatives if you can send me you e-mail address by IM.
Have noted that your are a recent member, so not sure if you can send IMs. Try anyway.


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Not sure what sort of image you're looking for, but I have some I took  in  1969, which I'm happy for you to use , providing attribution was given. Can't put very big images on the site, but below are the very reduced versions
Have had this photo sent to me for a while and been trying to track it down, when suddenly this thread/site came up in the search. I too would love to use the three images with proper permission. My grandfather was PC77 working in Hockley and was based at this station and we have a feature on The Hockley Flyer web site (search Kenton Street Police Station). This has been updated for our new site and new small magazine we hope to launch very soon. Please let me know what you need. If you wish can contact me via the Hockley Flyer site.
We have quite a lot of material about the Jewellery Quarter, just wish we could find more out about Hockley castle!  ;D
Cheers - Mark