Author Topic: BIRMINGHAM-Greenest UK city?!  (Read 19606 times)


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Re: BIRMINGHAM-Greenest UK city?!
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I was just typing an answer to Surg when Langs popped up, and I can only back him up. Yesterday there was a warning from Chris, who by his grace lets us use this forum, his ink is still wet and abuse is still flying! Long ago Chris chopped his forum altogether because of abuse, I'm sure he wont hesitate to ban members or chop the whole thing again! So be warned, and if you do carry on this way it is now with intended malicious damage to the name of Brummies and your own forum.



I don't think that anyone doubts your claim to Sheffield being the greenest city, or greener than Brum, but if that is so then we can do very little about it. What do you want us to do, start demolishing houses (peoples homes) and factories (peoples work) just to catch up?

I'm sure that if we look there is bound to be something we can find that one city has more, or less, than another. Cities can at times get boring by having too many similarities, just look at the chains of shops, all the same brands in every high street. One thing that springs to mind are the canals of Birmingham, they have always been very important to Brum and form an unique feature in it's landscape. If you're really interested in exchanging thoughts I'm sure the people of Brum on this forum will enlighten you as to their other 'hidden' trumps that even I have never heard of, or maybe you can tell us more about Sheffield that we may not know already. I for one wont be visiting Sheffield as Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam and London are much nearer and easier to get to.   

Thanks Graham. This is very much what I'd like to see. Not destroying people's homes and livelihoods to create greenspace but I would like people to stop being so defensive and start talking and showing photos of Birmingham's unique features like it's canal system which, like I said previously, from the small amount I've seen I was very impressed. It's also good to see on the other thread that Mazbeth started to see practical things that you can do to get involved in your green spaces. This is all promising but will lead to nothing if people don't get involved.
Like this,[email protected]/2240338560/sizes/l/
which is a once in a year event in Sheffield's Botanical Gardens called 'Art in the gardens'. People pay to enter the gardens (4 last year) over two days in late August/early September to view or buy a wide variety of art and craft work. Extremely popular because the product is quality.
Or this,[email protected]/2240049100/sizes/l/[email protected]/2239251471/sizes/l/[email protected]/2239528631/sizes/l/
which is Sheffield's largest free event at Norfolk Heritage Park called Sheffield Fayre which has fun fairs, craft stalls, horticultural and environmental displays/events and historical battle re-enactments.


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Re: BIRMINGHAM-Greenest UK city?!
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More squabbling deleted.

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