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I Know a little more about Wagtail - I used to be friendly with Len Bracey and he allowed me to copy a file of his about all of Fred Taylors aircraft. Len and Fred worked together on Wagtail - len was firmly involved in this project. I believe it is true that fred wasnt keen on others flying the plane. Just Priorto the war Fred used to fly the plane into Castle Bromwich at week ends but on or about the outbreak of war he was told not too fly it any more. To start with he ignored this request (by the powers that be) and subsequently I believe the wings of the plane were confiscated from Dunton for the duration of the war.
I understand a guy named Bevan who was a Birmingham Councillor at the time bought Wagtail from its location in Birmingham but the transaction back fired literally. At some stage wagtail was started up in the back streets of birmingham (presumably because Bevan wanted to see the engine running)and it jumped its chocks and hit a wall and was damaged badly. I dont think anyone was hurt. It finished up being burnt - and all that was left was a pile of bits.
This is the story I was told.
Bevan went on to run an estate agents in Sutton Coldfield.
The copy of Len Bracey's record is in my possession,

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Re: Cotteridge
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That's very interesting, Supermarine. I've sent you a PM.