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Hello Ed
Great memories.
Good news, the powder gun to fire powder into your lungs went well.No side effects. So will now expand use to help a lot of
people. I have been asked to continue trial and of course I said yes.
I well remember the Mokes and going down Duddeston Mill Road from Devon Street to the Railway bridge.
The tin cans were great. Used them in my early days to germinate seeds.
Take care. Your pal..Gerald.

Edmund Fifield

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« Reply #232 on: January 13, 2021, 06:24:17 PM »
Hi Gerald,glad to hear your progressing ok.Ive been on a new drug puffer called CELLERGY for my COPD,It's working well.They can't get rid of us Duddeston old boys that easy.You certainly bought back memories of Dudeston Mill Rd and our Mokes it certainly was frightening when I think of it now, but did we think so at the time.No way.Anyway Keep Well mate hope thing get better for you.Ed
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