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Re: The Flat, Lodge Road, Hockley
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Wot? No Bank?! The fact there was no bank on The Flat in the 50s didn't bother most households in the surrounding area, most families were living hand to mouth and if they were fortunate to have a wage coming in it would have been cash and spent by the end of the week, but of course there were traders and the self-employed who were in different circumstances and for them it was a walk to Hockley Brook or the Jewellery Quarter for banking services. 
My father, like many others, never had a bank account, it's not that he didn't trust banks - he just didn't need one, he worked a 12-hour nightshift in a rolling mill and spare money for our annual holiday in Brean Down he hid somewhere in the house - anyone adopting such a strategy was well advised to ensure their cellar grating was chained shut - a favourite entry point for robbers, particilarly those with an eye on your gas meter.